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Sidewalk Maintenance and Repair Responsibility
Posted on Aug 8th, 2022
Hello Neighbors,
As we have undertaken major maintenance of roads and sidewalks this year, a number of Homeowners have questions about sidewalk maintenance and responsibility.

The HOA is responsible for maintaining sidewalks that abut HOA property only, such as those along the clubhouse and pool, along bridges, and so on.
According to the HOA covenant, specifically Section 5.15, Homeowners are responsible for maintenance and repair of sidewalks adjacent to the Owner’s lot:
“. . .Each Owner shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sidewalk adjacent to such Owner’s Lot after construction, and shall maintain such portion of the sidewalk in a good condition of repair.” (end of paragraph)Covenant Documents
This is similar to regulations established by the City of San Antonio regarding sidewalks:
If a Homeowner repairs a sidewalk to its original state, Board or ACC approval is not necessary. However, if there is a need for changes, then the work would need prior approval.
We appreciate Homeowner concern for maintaining the quality and safety of our neighborhood, and hope this clarifies and questions.
Stonewall Ranch HOA Board
Continued Road Work
Posted on May 12th, 2022
Hello Neighbors,
Road work continues! In the process of doing road work, additional areas have been identified as needing repair. These repairs will need to be completed before crackseal work can be done.

We knew this would be a long process with potential delays, and we are committed to getting the work completed in a manner that best preserves our roads for the long-term.
The process for the additional repairs will need to be done before we can estimate a completion date for the entire project. Your continued patience is much appreciated!
Stonewall Ranch HOA Board
Pool to Open Soon!
Posted on Apr 28th, 2022
Hello Neighbors,
Great News! The pool will open soon! 
The contractor’s work is complete, but the plaster is still curing and it is **IMPERATIVE** that the pool NOT BE USED for at least the next 7 days. The pool area has been locked and the key-card reader has been disabled. Any use of the pool will jeopardize the HOA’s considerable investment in this project. 
We will send a follow-up email when the plaster is cured, and when we have an exact date for the pool opening. 
Many thanks for your patience, and we look forward to a summer with a “new” pool! 
Stonewall Ranch HOA Board
This message is posted on the Stonewall Ranch HOA website for your reference.
Yard Debris, Bags Left by Bins
Posted on Apr 19th, 2022
Hello Neighbors,
This is a friendly reminder that Waste Management will not ever pick up bags of garbage or yard debris left beside bins. Waste Management has no program for picking up yard debris, and homeowners will need to make their own arrangements for yard debris removal. Note that our contract with WM has never included the pickup of material outside of the bins. 
San Antonio has recycling centers, and their website lists locations, hours, and costs.
If you are not able to haul the brush yourself, you will need to hire a service to do so, and many are available. 
Thanks for doing your part in keeping our neighborhood clean!
Stonewall Ranch HOA Board
This notice is also posted under News on the Stonewall Ranch HOA website.
Pool and Road Construction Update
Posted on Apr 18th, 2022
Hello Neighbors,
Construction work on both the roads and the pool continue! Even when workers are not visible or there might not seem to be progress, we are moving forward. Board members actively follow progress and monitor work done. Here are the latest updates:
Contractors are on track to complete the pool in the next couple of weeks, and have encountered supply chain challenges. 
The next phase of road work will be needed patches on Cypress Trail.
Next is the long process of sealcoat, a layer of material that will cover every inch of the road surface, sealing and preserving it for years as well as making the surface look new. Before the sealcoat process begins, we will have further announcements as it requires the roads to be clear and the road surface to be dry. 
We appreciate your patience as we move into the final phases of both projects!
Stonewall Ranch HOA Board
NOTE: This notice is also posted on the Stonewall Ranch website under News at stonewallranch.org
March, April Road Work Update
Posted on Mar 17th, 2022
Hello Neighbors,

Road work continues! Sidewalk repair work should be completed next Tuesday, March 22, then we will have a short break.
Beginning the first week of April, Pavecon will do crackseal work throughout the neighborhood, and as before, roads will remain passable.
Then, the major sealcoat work begins, which involves a coating seal on all neighborhood roads. When done, the roads will look new and the sealcoat will dramatically lengthen their lifespan. We will have more updates on the details of the sealcoat process later.
As you may have noticed, there are places in the neighborhood with some construction debris. Pavecon has said that will be cleaned before the sealcoat process begins.
The crackseal and sealcoat work will take approximately 4-6 weeks, depending upon weather.
Finally, striping will complete the work!
Many thanks for your continued patience as we maintain the quality of our neighborhood!
Stonewall Ranch HOA Board
March 14 Update Road Work
Posted on Mar 14th, 2022
Crews will be replacing stop signs during the week of March 14-18. 
Posted on Mar 14th, 2022
Hello Neighbors, 
Beginning Monday, March 21 the pool will be closed for a much-needed resurfacing project that will take about 21 days. We appreciate your patience as we continue with major projects for maintaining neighborhood quality. 
Stonewall Ranch HOA Board
Charities Who Pick Up Large Items
Posted on Mar 10th, 2022
Hello Neighbors,
As you know, this Saturday, March 12 we have the neighborhood garage sale, and next Monday, March 14 is bulk trash pickup day. If you have large items in good condition, like furniture, PLEASE consider scheduling a charity to pick those items up rather than putting them out for trash pickup. 
You can schedule these charities to pick up large items:  
Fabulous Finds, Kendall County Women’s Shelter Thrift Store: 830-331-1021
Arms of Hope, a non-profit Christian care organization that assists children and single-mother families: call 877-259-3744 or schedule online: Arms of Hope Schedule Pickup
Vet Strong, providing furniture for previously homeless veterans; cash donation required for pickup to defray costs: 210-239-8399
The Salvation Army, schedule a pickup online: Salvation Army Schedule Pickup
Goodwill, schedule a pickup online: Goodwill Schedule Pickup
Donating good condition items is always better than trashing them! 
This list will be posted on the Stonewall Ranch FAQ page. If you know of other local charities that will pick up large items, please let us know so they can be added to the list. 
Stonewall Ranch HOA Board
March 8 Road Work Update
Posted on Mar 10th, 2022
Hello Neighbors, 
As you may have noticed, Pavecon is currently working at the intersection of Stonewall Bend and Penstemon Trail. This and other asphalt repairs should be completed on Thursday. They are continuing work on Stonewall Bend near the pool. After this, they will be working on manhole covers throughout the neighborhood. 
Many thanks for your patience as we continue this major and much needed maintenance in our neighborhood!

Stonewall Ranch HOA Board
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