• chevron_rightA street sign on my block is missing/turned around/defaced. Whom do I contact?
    Contact Real Manage at 1-866-4-RealService (866-473-2573) to notify our property manager. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I contact Waste Management?
    Waste Management of Texas Inc
    800 Gessner Ste 1100
    Houston TX  77024
    Waste Management of Texas Inc
    PO Box 79168
    Phoenix AZ  85062-9168
    Phone:  800-800-5804
    Pay on line at:  www.wm.com
    Pay by phone at:  866-964-2729
  • chevron_rightHow do I contact or file a report with the police?
    Filing a police report is very important because the SAFFE Officers will use that data to determine the areas of concentration for patrols. If there are enough reports, they will enter and patrol gated communities. For problems such as graffiti, filing a report online through the SAPD website is most efficient. If people have someone peeping into windows or other suspicious activity, calling the SAPD non-emergency phone number 207-7273 would be most efficient.
    In case of graffiti, pictures, digital if possible, are a good tool and can be emailed to the police department. The officers share information and can sometimes identify the person responsible by the graffiti. The SAFFE Officer's name is Hank Quiroga. His e-mail address is: henry.quiroga@sanantonio.gov
    For those that live in the county, contact the sheriff's office at: 335-6229. In addition, the Sheriff Department's website has an e-mail for reporting graffiti and other gang related issues: tburr@bexar.org
  • chevron_rightHow do I contact Real Manage association management service provider?
    Real Manage
    12500 San Pedro Avenue, Suite 325
    San Antonio, TX 78216
    Phone: 1-866-4-RealService (866-473-2573)
  • chevron_rightHow do I gain access to the pool?
    Stonewall Ranch uses a key fob system to secure and regulate access the swimming pool. The gate to the pool area is secured by a card reader lock. When the key fob is passed in front of the sensor, the gate will unlock.  The pool restrooms are also locked and require a key to gain entry.
    Homeowners who are not in good standing may have their pool key fob deactivated. Homeowners who misuse the recreational facilities may have their key fob deactivated as well. If a current pool form is not signed and on file with the management company, the fob will also be deactivated.  Please review the rules of the pool before using this neighborhood amenity.
    Contact Real Manage at 1-866-4-RealService (866-473-2573) if you need a key fob, restroom key, or have lost yours. Replacements are available for a nominal fee.
  • chevron_rightHow do I purchase gate remotes and how much are they?
    Contact Real Manage, our HOA's Association Management Company:
    Phone: 1-866-4-RealService (866-473-2573)
    You can purchase and receive new gate remotes via mail, without going to their office. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I rent the Stonewall Ranch clubhouse?
    The clubhouse is available for Stonewall Ranch HOA members to rent for personal events. The new rental agreement can be downloaded on the Pool & Clubhouse page. A deposit is required. Arrangements and payments are made through Real Manage, our HOA's Association Management Company.
    When the clubhouse is rented, the key will be provided to allow the homeowner access to the clubhouse during the agreed upon time. The homeowner is responsible for adhering to the terms of the rental contract which includes cleaning the clubhouse within the rental period.
    Failure to adhere to the terms of the contract may cause the forfeiture of some or all of the rental deposit.
  • chevron_rightI would like something in the neighborhood changed or improved
    The members of the board and all committees are made up of your neighbors who care enough about their neighborhood to do something.  Without volunteers, not much gets done, and what does may not be what we would all like.  The success of any volunteer organization is the willingness for each member to volunteer some amount of resource, time, or skill. The quality of life in Stonewall Ranch is enhanced by your generosity in volunteering to serve on a committee or the board. We also have fun!  So volunteer and see the project through.  It is also a great way to meet, or get to know better, your neighbors.
  • chevron_rightI would like to make some changes to the outside of my house and/or landscaping. Whats the procedure?
    You will need to apply for, and get approval of, any major changes to the outside of your home or landscaping. An application can be downloaded from the Documents section found under the Members tab. After filling out the application, it must be sent to Real Manage. Real Manage checks that the application is complete and then sends it to The Stonewall Ranch Architectural Control Committee (ACC), which has 60 days to consider it. The committee checks each application to verify that it meets the standards set in the covenants and guidelines of the Stonewall Ranch Association.
    Carefully read the covenants and guidelines before starting any major project. Some, including decks and additions, will require local governing body permits and approval, as well.
  • chevron_rightMy neighbors dog(s) bark all night. Ive talked to my neighbor but nothing changed. Whom do I call now?
    The HOA does not enforce city or county noise ordinances or animal control problems. If you live within the city limits, barking dogs can be reported to the San Antonio Police Department. If you home falls outside the city limits, you must contact the Bexar County Sherriff’s office to address the issue.
    More information regarding the City of San Antonio noise ordinance can be found here:
  • chevron_rightWho can register on the website?
    The website is owned by the members of the Stonewall Ranch Home Owners Association (HOA). A member is the owner or joint owners of the home. Several pages are available to the general public. There are a few for member use only. To access the member pages you must be a member of the HOA. For a non-member resident to access HOA facilities including the pool and clubhouse, a letter from the member must be on file with the management company identifying the current resident.