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Board & Committees

The Stonewall Ranch Owner's Association is administered by seven volunteer directors elected by the members to serve three year terms.  The HOA Officers are elected by the directors:
Stonewall Ranch HOA Board of Directors
Director Position Term Expiration E-Mail
Max Hosmanek President July 2024 max@stonewallranch.org
Christie Zgourides Vice President July 2024 christie@stonewallranch.org
Josh King Treasurer July 2025 josh@stonewallranch.org
William Flint
Secretary July 2025 william@stonewallranch.org
Scott Southwell Director at Large July 2024 scott@stonewallranch.org
Imelda Idar Director at Large July 2025
Jeanne Oosthuizen Director at Large July 2025 jeanne@stonewallranch.org
The success of any volunteer organization is the willingness for each member to volunteer some amount of resource, time, or skill. The quality of life in Stonewall Ranch is enhanced by your generosity in volunteering to serve on a committee. We also have fun!
Committee Chairperson Email (Click to email)
ACC   directors@stonewallranch.org
Landscaping   directors@stonewallranch.org
Newsletter   directors@stonewallranch.org
Playground   directors@stonewallranch.org
Pool   directors@stonewallranch.org
Security   directors@stonewallranch.org
Social Scott Southwell social@stonewallranch.org
Welcome   directors@stonewallranch.org
Please Volunteer !!
If you wish to be on a committee, please let us know! Most of our committees need members. 
Thank You From All Of Your Neighbors!!