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Gate Code and Remote

Gate Operations

Stonewall Ranch has both front and back gates. The front entrance gate can be opened using the keypad or a remote. All vendors, deliveries, and guests will need to enter through the FRONT gate as the back gates are for residents only and accessible only with a gate remote. 

Gate Entry Using Keypad Call System
The Stonewall Ranch FRONT entrance gate can be opened using the keypad as follows: 
1. The visitor scrolls down to select your name in the directory, which also displays your directory number. NOTE: you can give visitors your directory number so that they do not have to scroll down the list. 
2. Once your name is displayed, the visitor presses the button, and the system will call your number. After you answer, you have about one minute to either open the gate or deny access:
  • To open the gate, Press 9 and hang up
  • To deny access, Press * and hang up
Gate Entry Using Keypad Gate Code
Gate codes should only be used by residents and their families. To maintain limited access to the neighborhood, all other visitors should use the Keypad Call System. 
To use your gate code, enter # followed by your four-digit gate code. 
Request a New Gate Code
To request a new gate code, complete the Gate Code Request Form. This form will be automatically emailed to RealManage who will update your access code. 
Purchase a New Gate Remote 
You may purchase new gate remotes by completing the Gate Remote Request Form and making payment on the RealManage website.
When the payment is received, the RealManage will mail the remote to you. Payment can be made via check mailed to the Real Manage office or made online using the following procedure: 
1. Go to ciranet.com. You should already have an account with RealManage on ciranet, but if you do not, you will need to create an account.
2. On the main page, go to Quick Links and select “Make a One-Time Payment.”
3. At Select Payment Option, click on Other, then enter the payment amount, $28.00 per remote ordered.
4. Click on eCheck (free transaction). NOTE: if you select Pay with Credit Card there is a $14.95 processing fee. If the eCheck option does not appear, you may need to use a different browser.
5. Under Name on eCheck, fill in any missing information.
6. Click on Continue to Payment Site.
7. Fill in Routing and Check numbers, then click Continue to complete the transaction.